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We remind you that we decided to take the “general amount” of households connected to IPTV/OTT operators and "active" ones (those, watching TV channels) in the last 30 days (instead of 90 days, which were previously considered) starting from July 2019. It will significantly increase the accuracy of the research, in fact, excluding from the general pool the "inactive" households.

These changes will lead to the decrease of the "general amount" and the increase in the relative rates (in %) of all TV channels presented in OTT/IPTV platforms.

We bring to your attention our traditional TV viewing survey for July 2019. Television viewing did not have any significant changes this month, that is usual for a mid-summer period. The off-season lull on television was influenced by the elections to the Ukrainian Parliament, Verkhovna Rada, so the audience paid more attention to the review of political events and discussions, primarily affecting the viewing time of the news channels.

On the beginning of July, there were 165.6 thousand households in the monitoring system. The average viewing time remained virtually unchanged compared to June and amounted to one hour and two minutes.

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