Measurement methodology:

Measurement Aim, on its first stage, is to study video content viewing on all devices supporting OTT/IPTV by using data transmission technologies.

Measurement Object is users of all devices connected to OTT/IPTV services for video content viewing. Later, we will supply data collected not only from devices but individuals, namely data with extended social and demography features.

Methodology of data gathering and analysis is based on continuous data receipt regarding TV channels viewing on OTT/ IPTV platforms. All households of OTT/IPTV operators/providers, which signed relevant agreement with BIG DATA UA, are measured.

Measured Devices are any devices (SMART TV, Set Top Boxes, computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.) of subscribers connected to measured OTT/IPTV operators.

Territory – Ukraine.

Data representativeness

Measurement covers 100% of households using services of measured OTT/IPTV operators and is fully representative with regards to these households.

Measurement covers
thousands of households


All devices connected to services of OTT/IPTV operators measured by BIG DATA UA represent sampling population which is used for calculation of standard variables to study viewing – Rat%, Shr%, Coverage%, etc.
The device is immediately accounted in sampling and measurement after its registration (first switching on) by OTT/IPTV operator. The device goes through identification (location, connected operator, package, type, etc.). The identified device is available for calculations within target audience by selected parameters.

Two modes of data update:

Online mode. OTT/IPTV operators’ data are transferred to server, analyzed and shown to a user online.
Interval between data receipt from operators is 1 minute.

Preparation of data online can take for about 0-5 minutes. Online result is shown to ultimate users of IRV data from operators within 1-6 minutes. Delays can be caused by: different capacities of operators to collect and analyze data, data transmission speed, different data formats provided by operators.

In case of online data transmission was disrupted the user will see notification on no data from the concrete operator.

Historical mode. Final data for the previous day, which were collected from all operators, are updated once every 24 hours, at night, within 3:00 – 7:00. The regime envisages the previous day data.
Final data include:

  • Data from operators which weren’t provided online due to transmission disruption;
  • Data on households which were connected and identified within the last 24 hours;
  • Final data do not contain data from devices failed to pass logic and analytical data verification (See Data Verification).
Report on devices failed to pass verification and reasons of their exclusion arw downloaded jointly with final data.

Data verification

Data from OTT/IPTV operators pass a number of logic and analytical verifications:

  • Verification of data transmission means: data shall be transmitted through secured SFTP connection;
  • Verification of received data completeness: data shall be received from all OTT/IPTV operators;
  • Verification of unconventional viewing: user keeps watching the same content/channel without switching for more than 6 hours.

Following OTT/IPTV operators/providers are measured voluntary:

Cooperation with OTT/IPTV operators:

BIG DATA UA aims to receive data from all OTT/IPTV providers in Ukraine. The company is open for cooperation.

Cooperation conditions with BIG DATA UA for new OTT/IPTV operators: conclusion of 3 years contract providing BIG DATA UA’s system with capacity to receive the following data automatically:

  • Type and number of subscriber devices connected to operators’ services;
  • Type of viewing on each device (online channel viewing, TimeShift, VoD);
  • Providers’ content (channels, video) viewing time per device;
  • Broadcasting grid of each TV channel with start and end time of TV shows;
  • Data on video content viewed per device (type of content, title, duration);
  • Other technical information for correct measurement.

BIG DATA UA provides OTT/IPTV operators which signed the agreement with the following services:

  • Authorized access to own software;
  • Possibility to use all measurement results from IPTV/OTT devices;
  • Target audiences forming on the base of available information on devices owners;
  • Channel/content viewing reports forming and export in format allowing further analysis.
Methodology of data mining and analysis based on continuous receipt of information on TV channels viewing via OTT/ IPTV platforms. Measurement includes all households of OTT/IPTV operators/providers which signed the relevant agreement with BIG DATA UA.

Parameters to record video content consumption

The following parameters are recorded for each device per second:
Device status – on/off.
Device identifier – SMART TV, Set Top Boxes, computers, tablets, mobile phones, etc.
TV channel identifier – if viewed
Content identifier (title) – if viewed
Viewing type – viewing, switching, menu activities, pause (time shift), content from library
Household information – city/town/village, district of city, street
Total number of devices connected to OTT/IPTV services shall be updated once a day per each measured operator.

Learn more on BIG DATA’s measurement methodology:

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