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Appearance of such transmission technologies as IPTV and OTT in Ukraine stipulates a necessity to account interests of growing audience which represents consumers of relevant services. The number of IPTV subscribers has grown to 4.2% from 0.5% among total number of Ukrainian TV households for the last two years. This number will extremely increase as the world trends show. Monitoring and analysis of such a wide audience’s opinions will substantially influence marketing campaigns, packages of Internet TV providers and TV channels content itself. 
Viewing ratings of TV channels that are provided by BIG DATA UA can answer the clients’ questions like whether TV channel is popular, who watches it, what subscriber watches, when and where. ?

BigDataRating Service Packages:

Package “Premium”
Advertising agencies and advertisers

The package includes maximum range of perspectives (factors) for analysis – standard measures Rat% Shr%, etc. within any selected audience. 
Effective tool to plan efficiency and control over advertising campaigns.

“Premium” package price – 20 000 UAH per month (VAT not included) for one main working place. Connection of any working place additionally to the 2 main working places will cost 5000 UAH per month (VATnot included).

TV channels and media groups
Package “Medium”

The package allows programming directors and producers to evaluate engagement into the content of TV channels, adjust it even online, assess and improve competitiveness of TV channel in advertisement market and content purchase/production market.

“Medium” package price – 15 000 UAH per month  ( VAT not included) for the main working place. Connection of any working place additionally to the two main working places will cost 5000 UAH per month (VAT not included).

Package “Optimum”
Providers of Pay TV/operators of TV platforms

The package allows providers/operators of pay-TV platforms to use received data with purpose to form more interesting TV packages for their clients. They can manage such packages to improve package attractiveness, consequently profitability per one subscriber.

“Optimum” package price – 10 000 UAH per month (VAT not included) per one main working place. Connection of any working place additionally to the main working place will cost 5000 UAH per month (VAT not included).

Key advantages of BigDataRating:

Fully automated

It’s fully automated and allows to monitor great volumes of data. Measurement covers more than 450 thousands of households in Ukraine


Maximum flexibility for analysis and measurements. It allows to create own sampling and reports in terms of audience as well as history of viewing


It’s a unique data gathering technology in Ukraine. Such a technology ensures 100% accuracy of TV channels rating within solvent audience

Quality of Audience

450+ thousands of families choosing IPTV are socially active modern audience, so called middle class with high family incomes and living in big cities


Ratings are available online

Development of the product:

BIG DATА UA is a future-orientated company which plans to expand the range of its ratings. Implementation of more qualitative and complex measurements will be the company’s next step. Now the company is measuring online radio stations audience and intercrossing of radio and TV audiences. Monitoring of internet content viewing and audiences intercrossing analysis will be the next step in company’s products development. It shall show the extent to which Youtube audience is involved in content viewing on linear TV.


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